Since taking office, Joe Biden through his hatred of Donald Trump, America, and Americans; has done everything within his power, including Executive Order, to destroy the Constitution and the freedoms of this great nation.

I recall these actions to ask a question; Joe through his hatred of America, and being hell-bent on its destruction, feels qualified to “fight for America’s soul“… REALLY JOE ?, exactly when did Joe reveal a measure of reverence for God or any notion of the spiritual conflict of this world?

Attention all Americans who want to have a free nation to prosper in: How long are we going to put up with the weaponization of government against the middle and lower class? How long are we going to allow the Biden administration and the rest of the ‘Commie’ democrats to run roughshod over America? How long will we allow the spirit of lawlessness and deception to control us? How long will we allow our government officials to divide us? How long will we put up with the alarming spread of critical race theory, cancel culture, virtue signaling, gaslighting, BLM, etc, and the rest of the nonsense? According to the sick-minded Joe Biden, seventy-five million that voted for Trump in the last presidential election are semi- fascists. Seems to me, that people are either fascist or are not. ‘Semi’ to me means lukewarm, Trump supporters are not lukewarm.

If it wasn’t for the suffering that would come to the God-fearing and Constitution-loving Americans; I would wish the SOCIALIST MARXIST/ COMMUNISM AGENDA desired by some 50% of the ignorant liberals would come full force. I would imagine in less than one year they would realize what damn fools they are.

So, go ahead and get duped again by the parading, campaigning, state hopping, hypocritical, lying, deceiving Joe Biden’s upcoming tour, and for the plight of socialism that has already failed miserably across the globe. Satan ( Metaphorically speaking) is crouching in America’s proverbial ‘garden” waiting to further deceive us. Written by Frankie The Earthman.

We need faith, repentance, revival and healing to survive the Satanic onslaught of evil as Joe Biden fights for ‘the soul of America’. What a sick joke Joe is.

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