THEY APPEARED SLOWLY AT FIRST OVER DECADES, EVEN CENTURIES, but with purpose and intensity. They smiled, they promised, but in the end, they were all lawless and murderers of the masses. Antiquity had many that will go unmentioned for now. More modern forerunners are our focus.

The Stalins, the Marxs’, the Pol Pots, the Hitlers. More recently they appeared in America as the spirit of Apollyon that left Germany and Europe at the end of World War Two and came to America.

The spirit of lawlessness was loosed by Hillary Clinton, Barack, and ‘Michael‘ Obama. These taught their successors well, now manifesting in the smiling, lying cripling, the deceptive slow deliberate strangling of America by Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Jim Comey, Peter Strozk, Anthony Fauci, the weaponization of the DOJ, FBI, IRS, CDC, Department Of Education, most school systems, from Elementary through University levels. The kow towing of our established founding traditions and institutions to only one to two percent of our misled, perverted, ugly LGBTQ deviants who have no respect for God, law, and order, or themselves. Chaos is their master. They jam their liberal philosophies down 98% of the masses but give no voice to others, especially Christianity. They demand tolerance of their abominable views but are intolerant of traditional views. There has to be a plumb line for human behavior to have a civil society. There has to be a return from our ‘post-modern society’ to the acknowledgment of ‘absolute truth’ or ‘we’ will continue in what I view as the obvious ‘judgment phase’ from God America is currently in.

We should wonder about ourselves collectively. Why are those that want to worship God so hated? Why is truth hated? Why is the demand of 50% of women to kill a living being inside of them so pervasive in our society? It’s the spirit of Abaddon in Hebrew or in Greek Apollyon. The DESTROYERS.

Why would a Government made up of mortal men assume that they can handle the role of being God? They can’t handle money, they spit on the ‘will of the people … they hate the Constitution, they think of only power and control of the masses: THIS IS WHY THESE ARE THE FORERUNNERS TO THE ANTICHRIST, SATAN HIMSELF WAITING IN THE WINGS TO APPEAR FOR HIS FINAL ROLE TAKING ON GOD, HIS PEOPLE, AND HIS CREATION. HE WAS A LIAR A DECEIVER, AND A MURDERER FROM THE BEGINNING. BEWARE, AND WAKE TO A NEW AWARENESS. Written in its entirety by Frankie The Earthman.

There is peace coming, but we have “miles to go before we sleep” Robert Frost.

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