It’s about controlling the masses right down to your thoughts.

You and your opinions are Anti-American if you don’t believe and agree with the liberal elite. The funny thing is those that who are lying to us are accusing us of misinformation. These tactics are straight out of the Communist Manifesto. If it looks like shite and smells like shite, by golly it’s Joe Biden.

In my humble opinion, what’s even more amazing is that Joe Biden has no knowledge of “end time events and prophecy” and that he is but one pawn on the chess table in the battle between good and evil, God and the devil. I’m sure he doesn’t understand that when he has accomplished what God allows him to accomplish, (because God works through all things, including Pedo Joe), he will be cast aside like a dirty rag. Joe Biden is a forerunner and warm-up to the coming AntiChrist. Frankie.

Pedo Joe ” the sniffer In Chief”

Welcome to the Satanic Pre – Tribulation mass domination. (Frankie) Censorship is the hallmark indicator of dictatorship ( T. Carlson)

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