I finally understand what Joe means by fighting for ” The Soul Of This Nation.” What he means is that Satan ( through D. Trump and his MAGA ‘cult’ has control of this nation right now, and our Saviour brother Joe is going to save this nation from the clutches of the devil; with all the great things he’s doing, the unification of the nation, ( ha!), The leadership of the Dems and the slamming of Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans. The problem is that 74 million voted for Donald Trump. Sure most didn’t like his tweets but they loved his policies. Joe’s effort is to stir up the democratic base and appeal to them through the beliefs that the majority is losing their freedoms; because of the Supreme Court ruling on abortion, and extremist MAGA Republicans. It’s peculiar that Biden blames the MAGA crowd for all of his current failures; from the Southern Border abandonment to climate control; to the report by the Department of Education that students have failed miserably because of the Dems decisions on the Covid debacle. If you’re not stupid and duped by Joe Biden’s charming Barack Obama-style speeches, you see right through his lies and realize everything he blames the MAGA Republicans for are issues that he is failing or has failed at. The Democratic base had better get off of their “woke sinking sand foundation” and move on to a real spiritual awakening. Listen carefully to Joseph this evening, if you are a moron, you will stand up and clap for his lying mouth. If you have but half a brain in your head, you will see him for the liar he is, and will always be. Don’t be duped yet again. Also, The democrats do nothing about the issues destroying America until the midterms show up, then they begin to do something, so they can be reelected to once again do nothing. Wake up, folks! The American Marxism evident in our government only leads to dreadful Communism. THEN WHERE CAN WE RUN TO? Frankie The Earthman.

Fart blossom Joe, the “Pope Of Deception.”

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