Brother Joe’s Traveling Save America Salvation Show. (N. Diamond)

Poor Joe, “tag along Jill” and the “We want and need more democrats.”

What do I mean? Joe and the democrats are so angry. They are getting everything they want politically and that’s still not enough. They are running this country and its people into the ground slowly but surely. The heinous crimes being committed at the Southern border are ignored and never talked about by the Biden administration. His spokeswoman representative Karine Jean- Pierre is about as useful as tits on a boar hog. She is just an ignorant little pygmy-looking ignoramus. She needs a bone tied to the top of her head. I’m sorry ( no I’m not) I digress. She brings out the racism in me.

I sincerely believe that if the democrats control not only the United States but the whole world it wouldn’t be enough for them. They would want their presence to be felt in the entire universe, that’s how sickening and devilishu they are. They are deceptive, self-serving, and bloodthirsty. Didn’t people leave Europe to come and establish America for tyranny much less than what we are seeing here? Frankie, visit

Evangelist Joe, the snake handler, dancing in the spirit, knocking over tables, yee hah!

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