Simply put, “Soul Saver Joe,” said if any American ( especially THOSE MAGA ECONOMY DESTROYERS AND THREATS TO DEMOCRACY), don’t agree with him, they are “deplorable”… Let’s see have we heard this before? H. Clinton? … Except this was a long-winded version of calling 70 to 75 million (Trump supporters) deplorable. When Joe is talking about Americans’ rights being taken away, he is mainly referring to a woman’s right to choose; or to translate, “commit murder right up to to the baby’s birth or even after. And whoever doesn’t agree with that is a low-breed mongrel. There’s Joe, ” “the great soul winner and unifier.” Joe is worse than any two cents “used car salesman preacher” that I’ve ever seen. Joe can’t open his mouth without blaming Trump and lying. Pussy Joe is scared to death of Trump. Joe is a ‘Xi’ and China butt-smooching traitor.

Save me, Joe! Truth is Joe, we “Deplorable’s” need divine intervention to be saved from you, before you burn the whole country down.

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