We wake, stretch, yawn, get our heads, and stand up… We make some coffee, or have some juice, the dog wags his/ her tail, and we remember that this day is a gift. We try to live it to the fullest although we wonder if ‘this day’ might be our last. We wonder if we might slip this flesh and find ourselves looking in the face of God. We wonder if this meeting might be a revolutionary but peaceful walk on the beach, or through the woods. We wonder what God might ask us about our lives. We might want to thank Him for dying on a cross for us, we might not want to address this just yet. We might not believe that he died on the cross for us… we may have lived a Godless life, and wonder what the consequences might be.

We fumble towards relevance and purpose. If we have lived long enough, we realize that it is a drag getting old. We realize that this life is designed for the young. As you get older life will go right by you if you don’t keep up. We sleep, we wake, and we live a similar day as the one before. Frankie The Earthman.

We wake, we fumble towards heightened awareness.

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