Slip sliding away you know the nearer your destination the more you’re slipped sliding away.” Paul Simon.

Attention: All Radical Democrats: You probably won’t be interested in this post because the ( *scales on your eyes) will not let you. Also, you can call me engaging or challenging, mean spirited or whatever you want to, but here’s the deal with me; I am sick and tired of cream puff, twinkie, cupcake preaching and teaching in a lot of our Churhes. ( Seems to me most of the churches are not prepared to deal with the cultural issues of the day; everything that a lot of us have studied for is being wasted because we are missing our opportunity to witness, out of fear of offending someone. Jesus told it like it was and let the chips fall where they would.

* By “saying scales on your eyes”… I’m saying this is a metaphor for being spiritually dead. And yes some of you are gonna say I’m judgmental or mean-spirited, that’s OK, but I know the prophetic hour is late. You liberals are all caught up in the deception of Critical Race Theory, Rewriting History, Virtue Signaling, BLM, the 1619 lie, supporters of the Southern Border neglect by JOE BUY- IN, the big increase in crime across the nation, inflation, higher gas, food prices, not concerned that Joe & Son are sold out to the Chinese, etc, etc. ( By the way Gavin Newsome of California, [related to the woman monster Nancy “Pelostme” Pelosi], now expects Californians to buy an electric vehicle, ” But don’t they dare drive it, because the energy grid cannot keep up with the demand.

Changing gears: While we’re here, let’s get some things clear about God. With Him, a human being either ends up in the ‘win or loss column or the ‘right or wrong column.’ God has manifested and laid evidence of His existence in the stars, in nature, and in too many other areas to mention here. There is not a lot of Gray area, it’s pretty much cut-and-dry. And don’t start whining about God not being JUST, and that he doesn’t understand your circumstances; he surely does, because he was a 100% God/man, and suffered all the things that human beings suffer, he willingly went to the cross. So don’t start “bucking and hee-hawing” with me. There are no participation trophies in heaven, departed humans either stand in the winners circle or they hear out of the mouth of God, “Depart from me I never knew you.”

Having said all of this I would like to continue with the main subject matter, the title of this post.

The elephant In the room and the big question looming is this: Why have humans excelled in the area of technology, and at the same time remained relatively the same throughout history concerning our flawed human nature? We will kill each other at the drop of a hat, We lie, deceive and cheat each other. We rape this planet and each other. We are easily polluted with all kind of devilish doctrines. A lot of us think we are little gods.

Answer: Generally speaking we forget about our fallen state. It’s hard for us to know that we are alienated from God when about 50% of us don’t even believe in The One True God. There are thousands of belief systems, but in my opinion, none of them come close to dealing with the real issues which concern life and death and the requirements of God our Father. Most religions are just “rule obeying cheap shots” at sidestepping God’s requirements for entrance into heaven. What’s really sickening is that people that claim to be tolerant, will condemn you for your belief system, but they want you to approve of all the perversion, delusion, spiritually reprobate misinformation of their lives.

Do some serious studying and look around, and you will find that most people fall into one of two general categories; they are either living under the ‘spirit of life or the ‘spirit of death.’ That’s all for now, Frankie The Earthman.

The nearer your destination the more you slip slide away, Paul Simon.

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