JOE? Did you tilt your head too far to the right or left and your brain completely fell out of your head? … you moron

Our president Joe the great ‘unifier’ has brought about as much disvision as he needs to destroy a country.

Joe says the Republicans, and in particular, the MAGA Republiclicans are a threat to our economy, our national security, and democracy. Well Joe, America is a Democratic Republic.

It’s purely Satanic, ( Pause for this) Mayor Lightheaded “Lightfoot” says Gov Abbot of Texas is “manufacturing the border crisis”… What this wrong headed mayor has done is manufactured her own little “fantasy bubble world” like most of the people in either Hollywood, New York or California in general. Then the thing they do is condemn the rest of the country that doesn’t go along with their bullshit.

It’s Satanic, right out of the Communist Manifesto … Joe and the democrats have failed so miserably, they are scared and cannot address any of the issues; such as Inflation, the Southern Border negligence, and the rampant crime in the streets, fentanyl killing 300 people a day, on and on … So what ‘does’ the desperate democrats? … the only thing that they have left to do, they don’t want to solve any problems, so they constantly condemn Donald Trump and Maga Republicans, who were responsible for one of the greatest runs in our economy, ie: Energy Independence, foreign relationships were far better, on and on.

Our cultural/ socital story plot is very simple. “It’s good versus evil and God’s people versus the devil’s people.” Those of you that are stuck in your ‘natural mind and limited understanding’ will be offended by the quote that I just made. Sorry about your ignorance, to those of you that this applies; put down your damn phone for a while, read a book, examine your heart, and raise your awareness about what’s going on around you. Otherwise, sleep on sweet Charlotte. Like Joe Biden, don’t play his “blame others” game, look at yourself, think for yourself, be sly as a Fox, and gentle as a dove. Frankie The Earthman.

Joe, you have made us sick, but not much longer!

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