JOE THE GREAT UNIFIER! … HE CALLS 275 million MAGA TRUMP supporters …”a threat to our economy, national security, and democracy. Way to go Joe. Did you learn nothing from the moron H. Clinton, and her deplorable statement in 2016?

Joe says “Pride” is back in the White House. Even the Marine Corp philosophy caters to those “light in the loafers” ( rainbow color tipped bullets) … Most Americans could give a damn about your sexual preference and the sexual preferences of those that work for you … “we want the damn job done.” Go screw a duck, we don’t care, idiot. … Joe, your UNIFICATION TENT IS TOO SMALL AND EXCLUSIVE. THE ‘rainbow crowd’ is one percent of the population, can’t you unify a little better than that “Josephine” …Oh I forgot you don’t give a damn. The day they haul your sorry ass out of the White House, will be one of the greatest days in American history. You are nothing but a deep state, globalist NWO puppet, and traitor.

Joe’s version Of equality in government and the workplace, in general, is to make sure that it is diverse. MERITOCRACY is dead under this president. Frankie The Earthman.

Joe will tear you apart for not agreeing with him.

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