Hey Joe, sorry to bother you with legitimate concerns of some Americans. I don’t want to take up any of your Trump-bashing time.

Just curious, are you and your border Czar “Kawamba Harris”, aware of the real atrocities being committed at our Southern border? … I wonder if you even care or are even aware.

Here’s the deal: When a person comes across the border (apparently, especially children) They are given a bracelet indicating their indebtedness to the drug cartels. Most of the boys have to run drugs to pay off their debts. The girls are sent to brothels to pay off the debt in the form of prostitution/ slavery. There are many stories of girls under ten years old; they’re being brutally raped & abused by members of the drug cartel. Meanwhile Joe Biden and “Worthless Harris” vacation and party on the taxpayer’s dime. source: Sean Hannity interviewing Senator Ted Cruz. Frankie The Earthman.


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