A spoof on Linda Ronstadt’s “Desperado“..

Desperjojo, have you lost all your senses, you’ve been raising our taxes for so long now, oh you’re a dull one, and I don’t agree with your reasons … these bad things that you are doing are gonna hurt me somehow.

Don’t you cuss the MAGA people boy, they’ll beat you, because they’re able, Donsld Trump is the best bet … Well it seems to me some weird things have been buried in your navel, yet you try to put in things that just won’t fit.

Desperjojo, you’re weird now and when you were younger, but the pain of your agenda is driving me mad, you speak of freedom oh freedom! but that’s just rich people talking, my prison is walking in this agenda you have laid …

Don’t your butt get cold in the wintertime… you can stick your agenda where the sun doesn‘t shine, it’s hard to tell if you ever tell the truth, you stick your finger in the air to see which way the wind blows, I wish you would just fade away.

Desperjojo, you’ll never come to your senses, open your heart and stop the raining, because there’s no rainbow above you, can’t you see that nobody loves you, see that nobody loves you, can’t you see it’s too late.

Note: Original lyrics by James Edward Fauntleroy li, Robyn Rihanna Fenty, Krystin Watkins, Mick Schultz, Album, DON’T CRY NOW, released 1973.

Spoof written by me, Frankie The Earthman, (Frank Payton).

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