First of all, most people with half a brain in their head have moved on from GQ to something more interesting.

Does anyone think that a Republican or worse yet, a MAGA Republican could or would grace the cover of GQ?

This is ridiculous stuff, second of all, AOC, a radical left known America hater and member of the SQUAD; a Muslim, Sharia law loving, ex bartender, wannabe president, the question would be WHY? … The GQ cover calls her “the voice of a generation.”

Well if Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, or other Democrats win the White House in 2024, and the Congress and Senate are run by the democrats, starting in 2022, there won’t be any country left for her to destroy. The GQ management morons called AOC, “well spoken and knowledgeable.” Personally, I have never heard the woman say anything relevant or make any sense. How long Oh Lord, how long? The Democrats keep showcasing all of their demons, they just keep coming at us. The Dems are so old and desperate, AOC is about all their miserable asses have. They will probably roll “miserable Hillary Clinton” out, even if it be in a wheelchair. Half of our dumb ass country will vote for her, Will some of us never learn? Frankie The Earthman

AOC could perform an autopsy on whatever Joe Biden leaves behind. The photo symbolizes the mess Joe Biden has made.

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