A spoof on Linda Ronstadt’s You’re No Good.

Feeling deceived, some voted for you, feeling betrayed, cheated, and blue, I’m learning big lessons $$$, about my electric car, you deny me gas, now I see how you are …

You’re no good, you’re no good, I’d change my vote, if I could.

Our nation heartbroken had faith in you, we traded our red for a faded blue. Some beg Trump’s forgiveness on bended knee, some realize that Joe has fallen out of his tree.

Joe’s no good, head of wood, see now that Joe is no good … I’m gonna say it again, he’s no good he’s no good, hes not worth a damn.

Original lyrics by Ballard ( jun) Clint. Album, HEART LIKE A WHEEL, ( 2013, Remastered), Released 1974.

Spoof lyrics, written by me, Frankie The Earthman, ( Frank Payton) released, today, Sept 7th, 2022.

Miles to go before I sleep, R. Frost.

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