Happy and content to lay here in my bed and listen to the mountain rain … open window, smell the mountain air… dog resting easily …

Turned off the TV … same old disappointment, same old rehashed news … “Gavin Newsome is the worst governor in the United States”… Yes we know that, after all, he is related to Nancy Pelosi, what else would we expect?…

And Joe Biden, fumbling, stumbling, bumbling, everything he touches turns to shit, sick of him, Kamala and the wrongheaded Satanic Democrat party, insistent on killing white folk like me; meanwhile back at the propaganda windmill … AOC graces the cover of GQ magazine … Excuse me, I’ll be right back I’m going to go throw up.

So, what is just around the corner? The United States is obviously in a warning/judgment phase … The next event on God’s prophetic calendar for humanity is the Rapture … Followed by the dreadful wars coming of the Tribulation … meanwhile again, I wonder what will be coming for me in my sleep, attacking me … perhaps paralysis … perhaps drifting off forever … does not seem so bad … Rainy day, dream away…( J. Hendrix)


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