I would bet that Michelle, Michael, Robinson Obama is a hermaphrodite; not a true hermaphrodite, but he/she is a product of PSEUDOHERMAPHRODISM. This is caused by a hormone ( androgen) disturbance.

In the Animal Kingdom Hermaphrodites have both male and female sexual organs, and some or all of them can reproduce. Reproduction is rare in humans, but it has happened. So the question comes to mind, are the two girls that have the Obama name, children of Michael Michelle Obama? as some conspiracy theorists have it, are they rental units? This would go hand-in-hand with Barack Obama’s origin of birth controversy ( he has admitted it is Kenya, have you ever seen a copy of his birth certificate it looks like Frankenstein made it up ) and his whole deceptive rise to the Senate and White House. ( I believe his rise was made possible by Radical Muslims and possibly the Communist party.) This, coupled with our mostly brain dead Congress and Senate.

So, watching a little bit of news today, ‘Michael’ Michelle Obama said that ‘she’? and her family often feel threatened. That when her supposed two girls drive their cars, she is afraid they will be victims of racism by police. Well, maybe she needs to talk to her husband and Joe Biden because they’re the ones that backed and promoted Critical Race Theory; which does exactly the opposite of what it is believed to do, in that it teaches, and promotes racism.

I know she is a liar about feeling unsafe because she and her family are protected 24/7. So despite her claim to feeling unsafe, it must be nice to live in an Ivory Tower with Secret Service, and God knows what else ( Satan) protecting them. It must be nice to plan, intimidate, and be responsible for promoting such things as Critical Race Theory, BLM, Virtue Signaling, Jamming the LGBTQ+ agenda down the nation’s throat, ( while supporting all religions and belief systems accept Christianity ), and leading the outright destruction of America. After all, they are worth about a 140 million dollars. American Marxism is upon us, if things don’t change real soon ( midterm elections) this will lead to a full-blown Dictatorship and Communism. The global community will be ecstatic, “America defeated and on to Israel.” What does Barack and Michael O’bummer care, they will be taken care of, probably. Written entirely by Frankie The Earth man.

Trial walking keeps me half sane.

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