Jethro, Moses’ father-in-law, ( not the Jethro of the TV series, THE BEVERLY HILLBILLYS) ( smirk)…wrote about the deliverance of the Israelites out of Egyptian bondage: “ Now I know that YHWH is greater than all the gods, even in the matter where they the Egyptians dealt arrogantly against the Israelites.” ( Exodus 18:11). The reputation of YHWH was linked among all the nations to Israel’s exodus and transplanting to the new land. Numbers 14: 15-16.

The story of the exodus is a conflict between YHWH and the gods. ( read Psalm 82, for knowledge about the *lower elohim, see M. Heieser, THE UNSEEN REALM, ) Pharaoh did not respond to the command of God through Moses to let his people go. In Exodus 5:2, Pharaoh arrogantly asked Moses, “Who is YHWH that I should listen to his voice to release Israel.” His answer came in the form of 10 plagues.

Scripture tells us that the plagues were aimed at Egyptian gods. ( Exodus 12:12; Numbers 33:4) the * lower elohim who had been given their authority by YHWH and who were supposed to govern Egypt on His behalf. Note: The plagues did not neatly correspond to an Egyptian deity, but imply that the powerful acts of YHWH went beyond the power of the gods of Egypt and their divine representative-son, Pharaoh. See a discussion, Israel in Egypt: The Evidence for Authenticity of the Exodus Tradition. James K. Hoffman.

God’s Word is true and everlasting. Frankie The Earthman.

The cool of an Appalachian Trail September day.

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