Blood at the Southern Border, Texas in the spring, bodies floating down the Rio Grand River, hear the babies scream.

Imagine this devilishness taking place in the skull of “bought and paid for”, Joe Biden. It’s so twisted, self-serving, Communist, and perverted.

Imagine Joe, who has been sucking the government teat seemingly forever, obviously hell-bent on destroying the country and system that has allowed him to get his ill-gotten filthy riches; including filthy wealth to his entire family.

The question is, to what extent and Mafia-style tactics will George Soros go, to fund the “Globalist, NWO, Media controlled, ‘DEMOCRAT power at all costs’, including character and bodily assassination of those that don’t conform to the Banana Republic American Marxism/ Jihadi / Communist agenda?”

IE: Quote from Kamala ‘Cabala’ Harris : “The Southern Border is secure.” Secure for who?… the Drug Cartels? the fentanyl suppliers? the human trafficking? Frankie The Earthman.

Hi, my name is Joe, let’s destroy America! Yee hah!

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