Kamala ( The Freak ) Harris said “The greatest threat to our country is that Republicans might be elected to statewide office in 11 States.” ( election officials ?)

She also compared the January 6th ( so called ‘insurrection’) as a greater threat than 9/11, she calls it “the threat from within”.

The Authoritarian, Marxist, and Communist regime is in place in our “Office of the President and the Vice President.” In short, whoever doesn’t believe or follow the rules and agenda of the Dems ( ruling class) is an enemy of the state, and worthy to be tracked down and done away with. We are screwed folks. How long oh Lord, how long?

The same Satanic spirit ( Apollyon) the ‘destroyer’, that wreaked havoc in World War II did not die, it moved to America, And now manifesting in the flesh, blood, and bone, of our corrupt devilish leaders. It is true, “we struggle not against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness in high places”.( paraphrased)

The Clintons are partly responsible for spreading fear. The fear that if whoever don’t agree with them or their agenda they will be snuffed out. Barack Obama, Joe Biden and the rest of the “Demonrat” gang are taking it to a new level. After all, we have to consider what we would do if they came to us, and threatened us with the death of our family members or ‘you’ ( for not bending the knee) just how would we react and what would we do? This is SATANIC.

The Dems say ” Do what we say or else “

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