As the Midterm elections approach, the question Americans should be asking is: “Are we willing to be duped once again by the likes of Pennsylvania Senatorial candidate Mr. Fetterman?”

Changing gears: Good news for travelers across the United States: If you live on the East Coast, you don’t have to go to Florida’s Disney World or California’s Disneyland. Just book a trip to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and you can see the biggest circus/ fantasy land in the world. I think all the people in the Biden administration including Biden himself, missed their calling. They should all be controlling rides with a carnival.

About the celebration of the Biden administration freaks during the latest Inflation Numbers release: Hellfire, I would be celebrating too being worth a 175 million dollars from a $275000 a year salary. Pelosi’s been around a long time, but not long enough to be worth a 175 million dollars on a $275,000 salary. Let me tell you what’s gonna happen friends, if you are ignorant enough to vote for these demon-crats again in the midterms, and in the 2024 Presidential election, you deserve to get the poverty that’s coming to take you. Poverty is just the beginning. American

Marxism is already here, the Police State is already here, and Biden is hell-bent on taking us to full-blown Authoritarian Communism. Do you want to live under a system that currently afflicts/ suppresses the Chinese people? Do you want to be under a government system that watches everything you do, and awards you points ( social credits) to obtain a certain amount of freedom? ie: traveling privileges, etc.

You ignoramus bleeding heart liberals … or correctly named “Regressive Progressives” , better wake the hell up. The Republicans are no better, they better get some hair on their “raisin sized nuts”, and start doing something before this country is completely destroyed, you bunch of cowards. Frankie The Earthman.

Step into The Light.

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