Get rid of The Constitution ... Govern through a ONE-PARTY AUTHORITARIAN GOVERNMENT … ENFORCE an Open Border policy across the nation … Come one, come all … Drug Dealers, Rapists, Human trafficking, all manner of terrorists, carrying Covid, and God knows what other diseases, “As long as your skin is brown we will bus you to a town.” Quote by Frankie.

Get rid of all whites, especially, Patriotic MAGA Whites. Biden quote: “The White MAGA’s are a threat to the American economy, its National Security, and Democracy.” ( so say the Dems ) Replace white people with ‘people of color’ from all other parts of the world, so that they can be controlled. The White people especially the middle class just can’t be controlled/tolerated. The Dems want an elite upper ruling class, and the working class, that’s it.

Bucket List Continued: Get the one party system in control, in America. Kow Tow to the New World Order, the Globalist Deep State agenda. Throw out the red carpet for the coming Anti-Christ.

The Dems will hunt down, persecute and prosecute anyone that doesn’t agree with their wishes for control. These greedy demons are willing to sacrifice the whole country for the agenda of a few. All for now, Frankie The Earthman.

The Trial.

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