Many think that the Tribulation Period ( Daniel’s 70th Week ) has begun, is this true? The short answer is NO!

Let’s study a message from Amir Tsarfati. 9/16/22. Comments, opinions, experience, added by Frankie.

This world is on its way down, it’s the end of the second earth age ( 2 Peter 3:5 & on ) yet we Christians are to occupy it, until we are out of it, ie: The Rapture.

World signs all around: Christ will wage war on this age, this is not *our home much longer) *( believers)

Covid 19 (which began December 31st, 2019, and we are still somewhat under its influence, with 4 million deaths) did not signify the beginning of the Tribulation. We have to be careful with our interpretation of scripture, and not sensationalize everything.

On a worldwide scale the enemy has breached the church, friends, and family. The spirit of division and lawlessness is everywhere.

We live in a Salem Witch Hunt Society.” ie: BYU SLUR STORY, just to begin talking about it. ( Fox News contributor, 9/16/22.

Important Date: April 14, 2021, Iran enriches 60% of Uranium could be as high as 90%. Iran is the world leader in terror initiation. Their chants are “death to America and push Israel into the sea.”

Important Date: Israel attacked with thousands of rockets. Iron Dome shot down 90% of them, and 10% fell back on the attackers. End of Part 1, stay tuned. Frankie The Earthman.

Getting over overhanging trees, let them rape the forest. YES, & JON ANDERSON.

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