This is a bit mysterious, but let’s have a look at it. Begin with the 7 seals of Revelation 6.

The Lamb of God is holding a scroll or book and opens the seals. We read about the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Revelation 6 in summary form: #1- The Anti-Christ and his false peace. #2- War with the saints. #3 – Famine  #4 – Death  #5- One-fourth of the population destroyed. #6- Earth and Heaven shaken, 144,000 sealed. #7- Silence in heaven. Read Revelation 6 in its entirety to fill in the details.

Revelation 8,9,11 in summary form. The 7 Trumpets. #1- One third of trees and grass destroyed #2- One third of sea life and ships destroyed #3- One third of fresh water poisoned #4- One third of sun, moon and stars darkened #5-  1st Woe, demonic locusts #6-2nd Woe, fire and brimstone, 1/3 of the people left are killed, 2 prophets preach and do miracles #7- Christ’s reign foreseen. Again,  Read Revelation 8, 9, and 11 for details.

Revelation 15, 16 in summary form. 7 Bowls #1- Boils #2- All sea life is destroyed #3- All water poisoned #4- Scorching sun #5- Deep darkness, rebellious man curses God “6- Euphrates River dry, Battle of Armageddon #7- Worldwide earthquake, Babylon destroyed, huge hailstones. Again read Revelation 15 and 16 for the details.

Reference Calvary Church, Skip Heitzig. Comments by Frankie.

Comments: If you think there is deception death and destruction now, Whatever we are experiencing now from our world leaders will pale with The 7 vials trumpets, and bowls that will be poured out on this world. Our only hope is the intervention of Christ himself. Prophecy records that judgment will all but destroy everything, but the Lord will cut the time short. The Church will be gone. Frankie The Earthman.

I would say seek God, “all of us have been warned,” and God does not require our permission, how you FEEl is irrelevant. We are without excuse. Those of you that whine, lie, steal and cheat to get your “pathetic little ways” better grow up and quick.

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