Let’s be real, let’s get the funk out of our eyes for a reflection on why America is in decline. Are we past redemption as a nation?

Remember : ( God speaking in) 2 Chronicles 7: 14 — “If my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and seek my face … Then I will ….

The writing is on the wall, like I said, let’s be real. America’s heyday was post-World War II up into the sixties. One major reason for our decline was/is kicking God out of our education system. When you “kick something out” it is always replaced by something else. This was a grave and serious mistake. Our education system is in ruins because of the Left’s ‘progressive regressive agenda’ to destroy America. Like Mark Levin, in his ‘million selling’ book AMERICAN MARXISM proclaims: American Marxism is here. The attack on our education system is but one part of the Biden administration’s all-out attack on America. I will not go into the other issues at this point, Everyone should know what they are.

A second crucial mistake and continued falling away from God was the Supreme Courts Roe versus Wade decision in 1973, making abortions legal across this land.  Have we slipped so far away from God that we think He winks and looks the other way on some 70 million abortions? If we had any sense of history at all, we would look at God’s handling of Israel, especially in the Old Testament. A lot of our confusion and lack of knowledge come from not knowing how God truly operates. We have a history in ‘The Bible’ that tells exactly how God operates. But a good majority of people now in the United States think that God’s Word is fairy tales, myths, and fables. When in truth God’s Word says that all will perish ( although restored) and that His Word will be the only thing that will stand ( paraphrased.)

Further, with all the division in this country, and civil unrest, our Churches have fallen by the wayside in their mission. We no longer proclaim the truth in the majority of our Churches, everything is watered down and caters to making everybody “feel good.” I think one way to describe what’s going on in the Churches is that we have adopted the ‘participation trophy mentality.’ The Churches are saying, if people will just come and attend, everything will be OK, that is ( concerning salvation.) Seems there is little call to walk the “proverbial dirt road” and make a profession of faith. The Churches refuse to deal with the LGBTQ+ demands, that ‘their way of life’ be accepted, while completely denying most other belief systems, especially Christianity. Turns out that Christianity is the most persecuted belief system in the world, shouldn’t we be asking why?… Why? … because ( surprise, surprise) there is a basic conflict going on in the world between good and evil, ‘Sides’ are being chosen. I believe that we are in this flesh bone and blood existence to decide who we will serve, God or the devil. This life is a testing ground. The ultimate prize is eternal life in my humble opinion. This is why the battle rages, and it’s all ‘spiritual’ in its underpinnings.

So, seems as it went for Rome, it is going for America. We have seen the enemy and he is us. The enemy is headquartered in Washington DC. The main manifestation of decline ‘lies’ with the Democratic Party’s insistence on America becoming a One Party System. The Police State is here. If you disagree with Biden and his current administration of affairs, you are an enemy of the State and should be canceled. Frankie The Earthman.

Animals are driven by instinct, we human beings choose our decline.

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