There was a beautiful blue glow. There was a light fog, a mist, slowly enveloping me, soothing. It was very peaceful as a cool gust of wind came along and cleared the air. And then I saw a beautiful site, I was standing at the ” pearly gates” of heaven, swinging open; I heard a voice say “Welcome, Frank.”

I said, “Is this the entrance to heaven? Peter was hovering, suspended in the air, he appeared as lightning. I noticed a pair of scales, like the sign of Libra, sitting on a beautiful gold table. I said, “Are those scales gonna be used to weigh out the good and the bad that I committed while on earth? Peter replied, “No, Frank, you were born in the month of October. The scales are just symbolic of the month you were born. You see Frank, the story and glory of God, is written in the stars. He left us without excuse in acknowledging Him. Just look up and see Him.

Peter continued, “Frank, as you have learned and know, as evidenced in your earthly life; people are amazed when they find out the ‘simple truth for entering heaven.’ I said, “Please confirm what I believe, Peter.”

I said to Peter, “You know there is a school of thought on earth that a person can gain access to heaven by doing a lot of “good” things, helping others, and the like. Peter replied, ” Yes Frank, I am aware of that, I hear it many times every day, as I talk to thousands of people every day.

Peter spoke again, ” There is but one question that must be asked of every person that has stood or will stand, where you are now standing: What did you do with Jesus? … And are you in Christ, and He in you? His shed blood is either covering you or it isn’t. This is the only thing that matters to God the Father.”

Peter continued, ” Frank the end of the age is coming up; I have specific instructions from God the Father for you to return and continue the good work that you have done in helping others and sharing the gospel. God has a special message for you, He knows that you tend to condemn yourself, and think that you’re not good enough because of the controversy of your life, and the mistakes you have made. But He said none of that is important because you are in Christ, (and God sees you in His Son) and not to worry. Go forth and be an example, do the best you can, and God will help you, Frank. Then, I woke up. Frankie The Earthman.

Oh! My Jesus.

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