It’s 4:27 in the morning and I’m just trying to sleep. This is what impressed upon my mind.

A Farmer plants seed in the ground, the seed receives watering. If insects, drought, an act of God, or other, doesn’t destroy what is planted, a harvest results.

In other words, it takes action by a caregiver to have fruit. Changing gears: In my study and experience, ‘no person, just all of a sudden makes a decision for Christ’ unless the Holy Spirit is involved. In other words, once again, we can’t make this decision in our natural minds. It’s impossible because “we come into this world physically, but are spiritually dead, we are ‘in’ Adam”, ie: spiritually dead.

Here is what is essential, and necessary : Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

I will mention my own experience in summary form: In my work environment setting at the time, ( Spring, 1981) I had an associate friend that was a Christian that kept inviting me to church. For a long period, I continually made excuses as to why I would not come to her ( Irene Evantos’) church. Finally just to appease her, I said yes to attending a revival service. Well, it seemed the Word of God was waiting for me, ‘so to speak.’ The preacher’s sermon through the Word of God ‘got all over me’ and I made a profession of faith. ( I walked the proverbial dirt road.) There was more to come, about two weeks later I went to my first Wednesday night prayer meeting.

As we gathered around petitioned off rooms in the basement, about five of us at each table; something incredible manifested. It felt like oil was being poured upon my head, and fell down over my shoulders and body. Another way to explain it is, that it felt like a napkin or blanket had gently fallen on top on my head. After several minutes of praying, everyone raised their heads and I looked around; I asked the others what they felt. Or to put it plainly, I asked, WHAT WAS THAT PRESENCE / MANIFESTATION? One at the table replied, “Oh, that was the spirit of God.”

What I didn’t know at the time, within weeks I realized I had received a special visit/gift from God. I learned that I had been given the gift of “evangelism or witnessing.” God was guiding me to tell others what I had experienced and gave me many, many, incredible witnesses over the years. My point in recounting all of this is that nothing happened to me “until I heard the Word of God.” This is why I know that “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.” I knew because I had “lived it out.” … No one could tell me any different. Please check my next post, as I will venture into the subject of Predestination, which is crucial in understanding the salvation experience. Frankie The Earthman.

Rappahannock County, Va, near the Appalachian Trail, outside of Front Royal.

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