Romans 8: 29-30. For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren. Moreover whom He predestined, these He also called; whom He called, He also justified; and whom He justified, these He also glorified. Comment: It seems that God sees believers in our glorified state ( sees us as ‘end product’ in Christs’ regeneration), though the believer still sins and must turn to God in repentance.

Well, pointing out this scripture is the easy part, now we will take a look at Calvinism versus Arminianism. My opinion is that there are good Christians on these two and other sides of interpreting Romans 8:29 and 30. Also, we will look at God’s sovereignty, and how it interacts with man’s free will or freedom of choice.

Calvinism Vs Arminianism: This debate goes back around 500 years and continues. Does The Bible teach Calvinism or Arminianism? … Is it the free will of man or the sovereign decree of God?… This is a central question, and the ultimate determining factor in understanding salvation.

Reference: Study The Synod of Dort. ( 1618- 1619 ) for the disagreements between Calvinism and Arminianism. Also BIBLE REASONS COMMENTARY, Study, some comments and experience by me Frankie.

There are 5 points of disagreement concerning the Armenians challenging the Calvinists. #1– The extent of man’s depravity … #2–Whether election is conditional … #3–The extent of Christ’s atonement … #4 — The matter of God’s grace. #5 —Whether Christians will/must persevere in the faith.

Calvinism: Man is totally depraved from the Fall in the Garden; left to themselves, people unable to move towards God.

Arminianism: Remedy from Calvinism is “prevenient grace” grace from God to all mankind, man can now finally choose God.

Scriptural evolution: Outside of Christ, man is dead in his sins Romans, chapters 1-3, and Ephesians 2 are referenced. Comment: “There is no biblical support that God has granted ‘all mankind’ a “prevenient grace” to overcome his inability to reach God.

Matter of Election: Calvinism– “Man is only saved because of election, God chooses sovereignly who will be saved.”… Armenianism — Armenians believe God’s election is conditioned upon His foreknowledge, election is based upon man’s response to God.

Scripture evaluation: Romans 8:29… God foreknew all who would be glorified.

Christ’s Atonement: Calvinists — Jesus’ death atoned for all who would trust in Christ.

Armenianism: Jesus’ death on the cross, potentially atoned for the sins of all mankind, but it is only applied to an individual by faith. Those who perish in unbelief will be punished even though Christ paid for their sin.

Grace: Calvinists — Calvinists believe God’s saving grace overcomes in his “elect” the resistance inherent in all mankind. They do not mean God drags people kicking and screaming, against their will. They mean that God intervenes in a person’s life in such a way as to overcome all-natural resistance to God, so they come willingly by faith to Him.

As you can see this post is introductory. I hope I have shed some light on this very controversial subject. My personal belief is that studying difficult subjects in The Bible prepares us for the difficult “stuff of life.” Further, I think that the error of modern education is that we have missed a crucial point. Education should be about teaching people “how to think properly how analyze, and then make informed decisions.” ( Quote by Frankie) It seems we have had and will have a bitter battle concerning freedom of speech, sharing of ideas and having the freedom that was once afforded to all Americans. Our school systems and Universities are corrupt and are now mostly indoctrination camps for the Marxist, Socialist, and Communist agendas. I hope my post brings out the curiosity in all who read, and starts many down a journey to understanding the depth of God’s word. Finally, this subject of God’s sovereignty and man’s freedom of choice is a mystery, Truly, “we see through a glass darkly.” Frankie The Earthman.

The queen is dead, long live the king.

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