A 41-year-old Joe Biden supporter chased down (in his car) a supposed / ‘what he thought was a’ Radical MAGA TEENAGER and murdered him. Not too long afterward he’s seen in his Orange Jumpsuit giving an interview, complaining that he has a family to get back to, and a house and everything that he doesn’t want to see go by the wayside … Excuse me, but WHAT? … What about the teenager that was ripped from his family? … I guess the mentality of our culture today is, it’s ‘OK to go out and commit a murder’, just don’t be late for dinner. Thanks again Joe Biden for unifying the nation. Could you imagine the Civil War in the streets, if a Trump supporter committed the same action against a Democrat? … So my ‘real’ question is, “Do we understand the spiritual underpinnings of this spirit of “Apollyon the destroyer” that is loose on America? I don’t think so. Frankie The Earthman.


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