It’s not even funny, When I go for a ride, For my gasoline, food, and clothes, what if I died? … I’ve lost all my money, but Joe, if I didn’t, I’d find another country where it’s cheaper to live.

See, I am a gypsy, ha … So, I oughta know, I can’t make a living with Joe running the show … I know it’s not much, but I can only afford one shoe … My gift is in my heart, no thanks to you.

Won’t you tell everybody, This is Joe’s song, Everything is so expensive, I’ll be glad when Joe’s done … I hope you don’t mind, I hope you don’t mind, I think I’ll go feed the birds, How wonderful life will be, when Joe’s no longer in the world.

I sit on my butt, Joes made me a slob … The government gives me more money, than I get at my job … But peace of mind comes while I write this song … It’s kind of wordy But it didn’t take long

So excuse for doing, These things that I do, You see I’ve forgotten If I dyed my hair green or was it blue … Anyway this thing is What I really mean, These are the highest prices I’ve ever seen.

Make sure you tell everybody This is Joe’s song It may be quite wordy But it didn’t take long I hope you don’t mind … These words that I find … And how wonderful life will be when Joe’s finally gone. Frankie The Earth man.

The one and only Elton John.

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