WHY DO THE POWERFUL, the men behind masks, with their demonic deceiving agendas … stand on soap boxes, smiling, lying, and saying, “All is Ok, when ‘destruction of all’ is their end, and all ( only vaguely aware) that those who don’t fall down and worship the deceivers behind masks, are to be thoughtlessly terminated, discarded like common trash?

HAVE THESE NEVER, been dumbfounded, and totally amazed at the photos of our earth from space, hanging, spinning, revolving, sometimes looking so lonely, out there in dark space, have many the slightest inclination of how special earth is? Why do some worship the creation over the creator?

These men/women behind these cleverly designed masks are fully known by some, who cannot be fooled. The frustrating part by these that are not fooled, is they realize the monster has many heads, and has been designed and allowed from the hand of God since the beginning.

The players have been designed, allowed, and set. The chess pieces are moving rapidly across the board. Many like sheep will be led to the slaughter. Most human beings are very weak and roam the earth endlessly and aimlessly. Frankie The Earthman.

Ten dwarf Alberta Spruces… Some seem to have faces.

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