I challenge anyone to put aside political bias and look at the grim reality of Joe Biden’s presidency.

First let me say this: Washington DC is but a location, it’s the people inside that make it the swamp that it is. Knowing what I know about End Time events and prophecies along with decades of study; I can say with confidence, that Joe Biden, Obama, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, the Clintons, ( who never are satisfied with the millions they can bilk out of America, and other countries,) and many others, are the SATANIC SEAT OF POWER DESTROYING AMERICA.

What is sad and alarming is the fact that 40 to 50% of the population in America is being duped and they have no idea it’s happening. They have been sold a list of lies, concerning abortion and women’s rights. Other than healthcare and claiming to lower the cost of pharmaceutical drugs, they have nothing to run on, let alone get elected on.

Joe has all but destroyed America. Let us count the ways.

The southern border: Some two million illegals crossing the border since Biden took office. Along with 300 deaths a day from fentanyl, child trafficking, and many drownings in the Rio Grande; we have the potential terror of the 500,000 “gotta ways” roaming the country. If none of them ever make it to your neighborhood, we still have to live in the stress and fear of the potential of them reaching our neighborhoods, schools, and even government.

Energy Dependence: We had established a foothold in being energy dependent under Trump. Biden has managed to trash that independence. Now we go with hat in hand with our beggar’s cup hobnobbing with known enemies to increase their oil production.

Stock Market: I believe the stock market has fallen 17% in the last year. The Inflation Reduction Act is nothing but a climate change bill. The federal reserve reacts by continually raising interest rates. These tactics just make purchasing harder and harder, even if one was inclined to go purchase a gas-guzzling truck. Biden figures out a way to screw us every which way but loose. The great Uniter he is, Ha!

Inflation: Gas prices, *food prices, ( *up 9 to 40%.) Supply chain issues. The Biden administration is living in a fantasy world. Of course the Biden family doesn’t have to worry about any of this, they have half a million dollars to protect themselves enclosing their property in fences. Joe and Kamala welcome all illegal immigrants, as long as the bus doesn’t stop in front of their houses.

The United States no longer operates from a position of military strength; strength in our leaders, in our economic health. This was pretty much started by the traitor Barack Obama, we now operate from a position of “weak ass diplomacy.” Does anyone believe we could deal with a despot like Putin, with our pandering and apologizing? Putin is like a shark in the water, if he smells blood he’s going to go for the throat. He is currently threatening the use of Nuclear Destruction. This maniac would be happy to start World War three. We are now the laughing stock of the political world due to the half-witted Joe Biden, but we only have ourselves to blame, Duped again.

Crime: Can we count how many of our big cities in this country have increased crime over a two year period of up to 50%?

It has just recently been reported that our Air Force is “woke” beyond belief. The Air Force is now more concerned with the correct use of pronouns, along with racial and gender issues. All for now. Frankie The Earthman.

Many more issues to discuss including diminishing 4o1k’s, the cost of college education, ( By the way our schools are indoctrination camps for Socialism and Communism.), etc. No incentive for the private sector. The Dems are all about increasing government control over all aspects of everyone’s lives. There is no end to the damage Joe Biden has done to this country. This post was written in its entirety by Frankie. I forgot to mention China: Joe Biden and his son are getting rich off of the “total selling out of America to the Chinese.” They have stolen everything from us but our underwear. (smirk)

Joe’s presidency is like a fallen tree.

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