You probably won’t remember the first three years of arriving on planet earth. You won’t remember much about your mother and father, or the fact that they either really loved and took care of you, or were not so loving, but did the minimum, or somewhere in between.

Memories will probably begin around age of four or five. My earliest memory is around the age of five. I was standing outside of the side of our house, and all of a sudden, it just dawned on me that I was conscious. I was involved in something I didn’t hardly understand.

I must mention something I have never talked about before. I will get right to the point. I seem at times to have a form of “Automatic Writing.” What this means to me is that my creative thought processes arrive without much seeking, and I have to “hold on for the ride” … The ‘muse’, The Holy Spirit, The Court Jester, ( For the lack of a better way to say it) seem to follow me, often tapping me on the shoulder, delivering themes, thoughts, remembrances, and ideas, that arrive upon me. Things just pop in my head.

Fast forward to the teenage years/tears and middle school. You will start to realize that you have certain talents, certain things you are good at and certain things you are not so good at. You will become part of the social and cultural game, and the world of developing belief systems and thought.

By High School or sooner you will have some kind of idea as to what you want to do with your working life. Relationships will become more important, and where you fit into society will becond Paramount.

You will realize that your family, loved ones, and society, will expect much of you. The call to conformity will be a pressure. The call to ‘fit in’ will also be upon you.

Depending on your upbringing, what you have learned about living in this flesh, and the mystery of the spiritual nature of things; you will align yourself either with the conservatives or the liberals. Identifying with politics and belief systems will identify you as a person. They will determine how you feel about God, Good and Evil, And to a large part, how you live your life.

If you continue your education after high school, you will find that it is very elementary. These days, school systems are weaponized and politicized, and you can’t really learn about the reality of life. But the reality of life will arrive. Government will arrive. World affairs will arrive. The difficulty of functioning in relationships will arrive. Joy will arrive, if you are extremely lucky. Sadness and disappointment will surely arrive. You will find this life can be a lot of trouble.

You might just go through your life nonchalantly. You might not be concerned about spiritual things. You may very well think that this flesh, blood, and bone life you are living, is all there is, and when they put you in the ground, it’s all over

Then again, you may very well fall in love with life, and have an experience with the eternal God. Should you decide to seek out the “higher things in life” such as why am I here, where did I come from, where am I going; God may reveal to you that you are caught up in a giant cosmic struggle. He may give you the awareness that this life is a testing ground. He may very well make you aware that you have to choose between good and evil, God and the devil, as to whom you will serve, where you will spend eternity. After all God is an eternal spirit, You are an “imager” of Him and you will live forever. The question is where? … Either with or without God.

You will find that you have come a long way from realizing that you are conscious. You probably will wish things could be simpler. You may realize that there is a God and He is in control. You may come to realize that He is the origin of your life. You may come to realize that the devil is a deceiver and wants to kill you. The funny thing is you didn’t ask to come to this earth and be a part of this, but here you are, So God’s speed and good luck.

A scene from Casper. I like the ray of light.

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