Somebody, please tell me just when human beings will have the capacity to at least accept some absolute truth?

There are actually some women that are unaware they have a baby growing inside of them. One of the most wrong-headed stories I have ever heard is; when one particular woman said she thought it was just a bunch of “lumps” in her body. She “says” she had no idea that it was a baby. Riiiiight! …

How can a woman be a woman, and not have any idea of the complexity of her reproductive system? Or do some just turn their brains off and over simplify what’s happening under the guise of ” a woman’s right to choose?”

I think this whole abortion issue is a deep spiritual problem. There is a spiritual war raging. First of all, until we arrive at what I consider to be obvious and factual: That is, life has to begin at conception. Anything else is fooling oneself, But you’re not gonna be able to fool God. Those mocking God will eventually answer to Him. I believe that the United States is under a warning judgment period. Abortion happens to be one of the main reasons for this warning judgment phase we are in. God’s mercy and long-suffering will only last so long and then the hammer will fall, in a lot of ways, it has already fallen, ie: 9/11, the economic collapse of 2007- 2008, Covid 19, Joe Bidens Presidency, with more coming. It is also my personal belief that we need an ‘awakening.’ We need revival, repentance, and healing; Otherwise off the cliff, we go. Frankie The Earthman.

Note: With no absolute truth, and little morality, society is doomed. You don’t have to believe me, look at history, you won’t have to look very far. Even now, chaos and lawlessness are everywhere. It’s ‘Time’ people stopped and had a good look at why this is occurring. If you are happy with the way things are going then “sleep on sweet Charlotte.” Also, I am not a strict rigid person. I like to have a good time just like anybody else. But this country is in big trouble. It’s hard to stand idly by and watch the powers that be, destroy America. It’s even more horrible to see a Democratic platform that is running on the theme of abortion rights. They do this because quite simply, they don’t know how to deal with problems, and they have nothing else to run on. Don’t be deceived, don’t be duped again. Haven’t you had enough of Barack Obama Joe Biden and his gang of perverts, pedophiles, and thugs? Wake up! don’t listen to people like Hillary Clinton, that claim a Trump rally is the same as an Adolf Hitler rally. Are you aware of all the Trump advances made on the world stage, on the economic stage, and other, that have been erased by Joe Biden and company? The question is how much more will you take?

Breathe in slowly, exhale, and repeat.

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