But seriously folks, before I get into this ‘post’ I want to challenge anyone to some science.

Locate, go find a Orangeish/ Yellow stone about the size of a baseball to represent the sun. Also find 8 or 9 other roundstones that would represent our Solar System. The goal of your science project is to make these 8 or 9 rocks that represent planets, rotate and revolve around your stone that represents the sun. No strings are allowed, You can however concoct some kind of electromagnetic system. Time would have to be involved In the rotation and revolving of your stones to represent 365 days a year.

Why am I thinking about all of this? Because I want human beings To begin to understand how complicated precise precise and intelligent our universe is.

When talking with Big Bang theorists, I ask them where did intelligent design laws such as electromagnetism and gravity come from? Did they just magically appear to hold everything together? Also, how was the distinction made about how much water would be salt water and then fresh water?

How was the exactly required distance of the sun from the earth determined? How was the function of the moon determined? … How were the seasons determined?

How were the perspectives determined, That is when we looked up in the sky at night what would we see? How was the formula for oxygen and carbon dioxide determined as it relates to the human body? How is it determined that sunlight would take exactly 8 minutes to arrive on earth? Hmmmm?

On and on we could go. How was the human body designed to be so dependent on the earth, ie: earth’s animal and plant bounty for our survival? Was the design of Adam-and-Eve in its current state an original design? Did something happen to change everything from the original intentions? Food For Thought, Frankie The Earthman.

Intelligent design is everywhere.

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