Me and some friends have been talking about taking a vacation you know down somewhere down here down South of us you know … And as you may or may not know what you know we talk about a lot of things around here in these parts we often times venture off into talking about other parts of the world and but we’re all doing well… we wanted to get down down there you know get down in there down in Tennessee down there a little bit maybe down there Nashville one I was trying to tell everybody that I couldn’t remember if Elvis Presley was born in Nashville or somewhere down there around Tupelo Mississippi I couldn’t remember what you know we had a beer too and no that didn’t help much that didn’t help much things either…

Anyway as we were standing around the Camp Fire I started talking about having seen on the TV where Elvis Presley it looked like hundreds of records up on the wall and there was some story being told about as they were taking a film crew through the it’s through the Elvis’s uh living room that all the furniture they were looking at he had bought one day in about a 1/2 hour’s time I mean I thought that was pretty interesting I told you know I don’t think I could ever do that because you know I’d have to You know plea bargain you know use my flea market tactics you know and try to ‘jew’ down a little bit you know it saves money cause I like a big old fat wad money and you know what I’m on my hip, Coz that you know really makes me feel secure in this insecure world that we live in you know you gotta be careful and your head’s gotta be on a Ding Dang swivel will you know I was looking to the left looking to the right and you know looking behind you and turning around you know spinning and then for you know you get dizzy and run into a lamp post and then you can just go out and somebody got a call and ambulance and then you know you’re just going to turn them on and somebody steals your money so you know it’s noh you know it’s just not not as easy as saying anymore you know… Frankie The Earthman.

This right here is a picture of my best friend I mean really it’s my only friend and but we do talk a lot. One thing you might find unusual about hairs that there’s usually flies do you like flies or birds or butterfly butterflies or something bozzing around her head all the time that kinda gets on my nerves. Even for the portrait we couldn’t stop the critters from bozing around.

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