Because of destroying what was a great country under Donald Trump; Joe Biden has virtually put the whole country in SLAVERY.

How is that, someone might ask?

It should be obvious, but we in this culture today, see what we want to see. For instance if someone is a man, and looks in the mirror and see a woman, that makes it a reality, Riiiiiight? And then if another person dare disagree with Joe Biden, they are racist, a threat to national security and democracy.

Under Joe Biden we are a slave to inflation. We are slaves to crime. The white man will become an ‘endangered species’, with the current policies on the Southern border and immigration. We are slaves to the Climate Change Agenda, run by the democratic idiots. We are slaves to China, who are the ‘head of the demon’ concerning Climate Change. The Chinese are responsible for some 27% of all pollution going into the atmosphere. 80% of the energy production is from coal.

We are certainly slaves to abortion; at least 50% of us that is. We just can’t stand the thought of not being able to murder at will.

We are slave to a Socialistic Corrupt Communist agenda concerning our education system. I mean why worry about our children, they are “only the future.”

We are all but slaves to a Democratic Party that wants to have a one party system. A system that would currently put Joe Biden as the “DICKTATER.” Wow isn’t that a comforting thought?

We are slaves to a Media that is more than likely bought and paid for, by Progressive Regressives, and George Soros. We are controlled by a “group think” culture and government. We are controlled and manipulated by ‘counter culture’ that thinks one and a 1/2 percent of the population should control the other 98 and a 1/2 percent, on gender and race “belief systems.” These agendas have no room for Christianity, whatsoever. They do, however, have plenty of support for atheists and God haters. I believe ‘they’ would go as far as to say, if you’re a Christian you are a threat to national security and democracy. They are hung up on this woke ‘all-inclusive philosophy.” They believe that if everybody is not the same same, then somebody is being cheated. They are determined to rob the rich and give to the poor. They have little belief in Capitalism. Over the cliff, we go. Frankie The Earthman.

Half of the American population have proverbially lost their freaking heads. This half is determined to put everyone except the ruling class in slavery.

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