Hurricane poised to strike Tampa, Fl, and most of the state … Progressive Regressives want to cancel Columbus Day, take it off the calendar … the Pillow Guy wants me to buy a pillow … Arraignment for pro life activist is underway.

Biden, patting himself on the back about sending help to Florida. … Biden speaking about how he wants Americans to have “just a little” breathing room. Joe says his “Inflation Reduction Act”, ( In realty known as The Climate Change Bill ) will provide relief. He doesn’t care if you have any money left at the end of your month, having overpaid for groceries, gasoline, and virtually everything. However he does want you to be able to breathe well … Excuse me, I have to turn off the TV, I can’t take anymore. Lear Capital wants me to buy some gold, ( with all the money I have lying around.) Lear also projecting that a “disastrous recession” is coming, and to protect me with gold. The Pillow Guy wants me to buy some sheets.

I’m wondering how long I would have to watch the news, before I caught one little story about something good, Oh well, I don’t have all day. The pillow guy wants me to buy some coffee, the best-tasting coffee in the world. I’m heading to the naked floor in the corner of the room, to assume the fetal position, and suck my thumb. Frankie The Earthman.

I will work for food, gas, and groceries.

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