Seems the spirit of God was all over me, most powerfully. What if we have misunderstood the “whole thing about life.” What if human beings are so singularly unique, beautiful, and alone in this vast universe? … alone for reasons only known to our creator at this point.

What if there was an original plan by our creator, what if we were given free will and allowed to fall from the grace of God, fall from the relationship and fellowship with our creator? What if we have missed a simple truth, that God is Holy and we are not … not yet anyway.

What if our creator intended for the whole earth to be like Eden?

What if there was a ‘first earth age’ and and a challenger of God, namely Satan ( a lower elohim, read Psalm 82, *see ESV or NRSV ) was unhappy that God was making a being in His own image? *REF: LEXHAM ENGLISH BIBLE. Remember, God referred to Satan as ” formed after a perfect pattern.” But as most of you probably know, pride was his downfall and he wanted to be greater than God. He led 1/3 of the angels in a rebellion against God. STOP AND CONSIDER SOMETHING.

What if we “mostly earthbound human beings” ( *of this age anyway, read 2 Peter 3 : 5>) have missed truth or been deceived about aliens. I know that ‘natural mind and thought’ would make it very simple to believe; that in such a vast universe, there must be other life. My point being that the supposed aliens we are seeing, are fallen angels. If you’re wondering about spaceships and technology higher than ours, I’m sure that the first earth age was extremely more advanced … and this high technology was lost during what is called the KATABOLE, the destruction of the earth. Please study Genesis 1 verse 1 and Genesis 1 verse 2, in between the 2 verses was an entire age. This is called The Gap Theory.

Back to what if: What if, because of our fallen state, due to what happened in the garden; Satan has us so messed up that we don’t see the beauty of our own lives and God’s creation as was originally intended. We are ruined, so to speak. If we can understand how this could be, we might possibly understand why God chose to send His only begotten Son, to save us … save us from the evil that had come upon us, and save us from ourselves.

What if, because of our ‘altered state’ , we don’t understand how beautiful, wonderful, and powerful God really is. I mean sincerely, why is this world and at least 50% of its people offended by the name of God? Shouldn’t we be worshipping God? Shouldn’t we be thanking Him for giving us life and letting us live on His earth?

With all the crime, violence, greed, destruction, and death that we are experiencing; why aren’t we trying to figure out ‘why’ this is going on? It surely is not initiated by God? Please make no mistake, He could intervene instantly, but wants us to figure some things out, and it’s not going very well … That’s why eventually He will return, save us from ourselves, and get us back to our origins, (so to speak.) More later, maybe, Frankie The Earthman.

Fallen man, fallen world

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