We are killed all the day long; we are reckoned as sheep for the slaughter. Paul quoting Psalm 44:22 in Romans 8:36.

Let the metaphor begin:

Halal killing of sheep under Islamic law: Go study.

Step#1- Get stuff together: Tools needed, things will get messy. Our current Biden administration is not getting anything done for the country, but they are getting their tools, agendas, and message ready for the oncoming slaughter, in particular, slaughter of the MAGA Republicans, and anyone that doesn’t agree with the Democratic agenda.

Ste#2- Get The Critters: Focus on white people, especially God-fearing white people. Tie the front and back legs together so the animal can’t move. Then comes tough part. The humane way is to stun the animal / human critter, leaving it unconscious, and then shoot it with a gun.

Step#3- Drain The Blood: This gets very graphic. If doing a halal killing the animal will still be alive. Otherwise, you are dealing with the carcass.

Step#4 – Field Dressing Part 1: This is a nice way of saying take the guts out. It is recommend using a gut hook knife. In the case of humans just dig a massive grave, line them up, shoot them in the back of the head, and then kick them in the hole, cover the whole thing with lime.

Step#5 – Field Dressing Part 2: This involves cutting some bones. Removes all internal organs. remove the heart, lungs, and digestive organs. There are more important things to do, consult a good guide. In the case of humans, since they will just be thrown in a hole, don’t worry about it.

Step#6- Hang It Up To Drain: This is called the “finish” draining from the carcass. The skin between the knee and the tendon is where the hangar hook will go. Again please consult a guide or book or book for further instructions.

Step#7- Begin The Prep: After hanging, time to prepare the carcass, use a wheelbarrow to transport it. You will need a prep table and then maybe some butcher paper.

Step#8-Taking Off This And That: You will need an electric saw to take off the head. Cut around the legs just below the meaty part you want to keep. Cut the tail stump off for easier skinning. If human, you can burn.

Step#9- Skinning: Slice skin gently away from the meat. Do not cut through the skins, if you plan on using them for anything, this can be difficult not to do. Cut one side and then the other, Consult a guide or book for further information.

Step#10- Cuts Of Meat Part 1: You can get a diagram from the American lamb board. You can cut chops, steaks, and roasts.

Step#11- Cuts Of Meat Part 2: breast meat, ground lamb, cut ribs off of the backbone. You can cut tenderloins. You can use bones for soups.

Step#12- Grinding leftovers: All leftover bits can go in a grinder for different uses. You can expect between five and ten pounds of ground lamb. Use a mix of lean and fatty cuts. 80-20 is a good mix.

Readers might be asking, why go through all this? Why do I, the author, feel the need to get so graphic? I want to drive home the point about ( what’s at stake) to all that disagree with the democrats. I want all to understand that those to the right of the democrats are nothing more than “critters.” Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are doing things under the lie of “equity.” White people are being replaced by brown and black-skinned people. Why do you think they want to keep the borders open? White people are too hard to manage, white people will not easily be led to the slaughter. So the democrats have to manipulate with Covid 19, take over our education system, allow crime in the streets, defund the police, (create inflation) selling out to the Chinese. Biden is “slow walking” ( through Putin) America towards World War 3. Gaslighting, those that don’t agree with the democrats are racist and a threat to democracy. Those who do not allow 150 different genders are racist. Those who do not want a one-party system are racist. Those who prefer an all-powerful God over the American government are a threat to national security. This and more is why I feel as I do. Frankie The Earthman.

“What did you bring me my good friend to keep me from the butcher’s knife? … to keep me from a hole in the back of my head? To keep me from the New World Order? NWO, AND THE GLOBALIST AGENDA, INCLUDING THE DIGITAL CURRENCY are the lead up to the coming of the Anti-Christ.

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