Please read part one of “Now That You’re Here”, before reading part two.

I want to proceed and clarify through documentation about what’s really happening in Genesis 1 verse 1 and Genesis 1 verse 2. The question we should be asking is: Did God create a wasteland, when Scripture says in Genesis 1 vs 1– “In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth.” The following study of Hebrew words will give us the answer, which I believe is ‘no’.

Comments: I would like to take this opportunity to note, that I am not the first one to put forth the study of earth ages. I was fortunate enough to be around some friends in years gone by, that had come upon this revelation. At that time which was in the early to mid-eighties, I didn’t believe what was being put forth. Study, circumstances, and events led me back to this revelation, and I believe the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to some deep truths. As I have pointed out in Part One of this study, ‘one word’ ( in scripture mistranslated can be a game changer.) In this case the word is in Genesis one verse two, the word WAS. (should be BECAME) … Great scholars such as E.W. Bullenger, Arnold Murray, and others have been leaders in this interpretation of Scripture. So the reason that a deeper study of these words WAS & BECAME is crucial, is this: If we use the word WAS, ( Gen1:vs 2) the scripture is to be interpreted as God created everything a wasteland or total mess. This interpretation leaves out a whole ‘Earth Age’ ie: Genesis 1 vs 1. If we use the word BECAME vs 2, it suggests that there was some kind of battle or rebellion in the heaven and the earth, which resulted in a wasteland, or the end of an age.

(The First Earth Age>) THE WORLD THAT THEN WAS: 1 PETER 3: 5, 6. Creation in eternity past to which all Fossils, and “Remains” belong.

Genesis 1 vs 2: And the earth BECAME without form– waste — Hebrew “tohu va bohu” not created “tohu“( Isaiah 45:18) but BECAME, Isaiah 14: 24. ( come to pass)


Genesis 1 vs 2, begins the six days of The Heaven And Earth Which Are Now. ( 2 Peter 3. 7)

1st Day — Darkness and Light. Night and Day. 2nd Day –Waters. Division between them. Day 3 — Earth. Fruit from it. Day 4 –Day and Night Sun and Moon Day 5 — Waters. Life from them. Day 6 — Earth. Life from it. Day 7 — Rest.

Genesis 1 vs 2– the spirit is God moved. The beginning of “the heavens and the earth which are now.” Our second earth age.

I hope this leads some of you to a deep study for yourselves. I have included a picture of the first page of the beginning study of Genesis. The left-hand side of the picture is the actual scripture, the right-hand side is the word-by-word study in Hebrew. As you can see, the study can be very intense in depth. For further study about unusual things that happened in the first earth age, go to Genesis chapter 6 and learn about “the sons of God and the daughters of men”, and their offspring, “The Nephilim.” This is another excellent study that explains a lot of unexplainable things looking back from the perspective of the 2nd Earth age. Frankie The Earthman. May the spirit of wisdom be upon all who read this and dive deeper.

The first 8 verses of Genesis, as you can see, it’s deep water, but necessary for an understanding of what happened at the beginning …

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