Now that you are here on planet earth, do you ever wonder why?

I was thinking about titling this post, Back To The Past.

I hope you would like to know why. Question: Do you or anyone remember “making a decision concerning coming to planet earth?” Is it possible that you could have made a decision to come here?

I would certainly submit that, this is possible, but not likely. Seems we would have a memory of such a big decision. Or, could it be that our memory of a ‘previous existence’ has been erased for reasons unavailable to us? ( At least for the purposes of this 2nd earth age. Read 2 Peter 3:5 and on, about earth ages, don’t miss this, it’s a revelation, and full of wisdom.)

Again, (from previous posts) Backdrop Theory: Genesis 1 vs 1: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. STOP. THE GAP THEORY BEGINS HERE. It appears from deep study, that there was an entire earth age in Genesis 1 verse 1, however, there was no explanation as to what happened bringing about it’s end. Scripture supports this.

It is more frequently understood, that the 2nd earth age ( this age we live in ) began with Genesis 1 verse 2. The correction of an incorrect translation involving the word WAS is the key. The word WAS should have been translated as BECAME. This changes everything.

Let me explain. Without going into ‘all’ the details, we are being asked to believe that God created something that was a total ‘waste’ from the beginning, ie: In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Vs 2 — And the earth (was — s/b became, Gen 2. 7; 4. 3; 9. 15) without form– waste ... So a correct translation would give us And the earth ‘became‘ without form, a wasteland.

What is my point? Could it be that each spirit, soul, was an entity, a spirit being, in the ‘first earth age’ ( animals, were however in flesh bodies, this explains the fossil record ) were part of the rebellion ( KATABOLE ) involving Satan leading one third of the spirit beings against God? Also could it be that God was not willing to completely destroy those that rebelled against him. This is where “this life” comes in. I sincerely believe from the above documentation, that we are here on this earth in this weak, flesh, blood and bone existence; one heartbeat away from death, to decide who it is that we will serve, God or Satan. I think this addresses the issue of why God takes our lives so seriously and loves us so much.

For now, I will leave it at this: VS 2, THE HEAVENS, AND THE EARTH WHICH ARE NOW. The spirit of God moved: Which is the beginning of the heavens and the earth which are now, 2nd Peter 3:7. More later, Frankie The Earthman. So, ‘we’ did not decide to come to earth, as far as I can tell. However someone did, and that someone is God Himself. Note: How can we understand the complexity of these “end times”, if we do not understand the complexity of the beginning of this, “our” earth age? Hats off to the great 19th-century scholar E.W. Bullinger, I learned from the best, and now I pass it on to you.

My trail walking orange goblin girl, Aja.

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