Here’s how it works within the Democratic Party: Joe makes some wacky statement, Karine is interviewed and clarifies what Joe said, then Kamala clarifies what Karine Jean – Pierre said. Then the “Deep State Presidency By Committee” from the White House says, oh no no, this is what they he / she to say… At Caramba!

So let’s expand on that, Joe Biden has a conversation with Putin or some other world leader, Joe makes some jack ass statement like he typically does, then we have to wait for the clarification and the rest of the spin, meanwhile a nuclear exchange takes place…

Just like today, Joe is in Puerto Rico, running off at the mouth, at how Puerto Rico has not been taken care of; well Joe, why don’t you look at our freaking border? Just when Joe, are you gonna do something for the United States? When are you gonna do something other than try to completely destroy this country? You horses ass?

Joe Biden

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