Not so funny, how the democrat’s toot their horn when gas drops 11 cents; all they do is run their d*** mouths about how great everything is. But just today when asking Dems about gas prices rising, the answer was, “No comment.”

(At least half of America, those of us on the right, have been gang raped by the Democratic Party. Then if we speak up and say we are tired of being gang raped, we get hit in the head with a bat, punched in the mouth, punched in the stomach, castrated, clitoris’ destroyed, raided by 25 FBI agents, spit on by the media, and finally crucified. The Republicans are far from perfect, however, we do not resort to World War II Gestapo tactics. ( I don’t know about anyone else but I’m just glowing with love, (smirk, nod, wink, hiccup, fart ) Frankie The Earthman.

Joe Biden… Joke of the day, “Joe represents the best of us.”…haaaaaaaaaaaa!

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