This post is going to be very controversial. The controversy will revolve around the fact that I’m going to shake you out of your comfort zone. I will speak of things that don’t apply to ‘everyone individually’ but ‘nationally’ to America. Unfortunately, if the shoe fits, you must wear it. Part one lays a necessary introduction. The “Meat” will be in part two and three.

If you do not have at least some idea of Israel’s ancient history, it might be best if you do not read this post until you do. The same applies to American history; you must be somewhat familiar with at least the last 70 years of American history.

I want to talk about the “spirit of lawlessness and chaos” that is loosed upon the world and the United States. I guess I should mention the fifties and ‘Joseph McCarthyism’, and the development of the Communist threat in Americas’ government.

Having said that, I want to fast forward to the presidency of Barack Obama. My personal study has led me to believe that the spirit of lawlessness ( loosed on America) goes back to antiquity and Israel and was around in World War II and the horrors of that time. This spirit of Apollyon ( The destroyer) manifested in Barack Obama. I believe also that Hillary Clinton had a major hand in the development of this lawlessness. Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” had a big influence on Hilary Clinton early on in her political career. She developed the tenets of *Alinsky’s beliefs, ( he was a *community organizer) in her time in the White House under her husband Bill Clinton.

* “Community Organizers” is a phrase used by radicals, ( Barack Obama, “The Head” & others ) that do a lot of the ‘leg work’ on the streets of America to bring America to Communism and radical social belief systems. This was/is being done under the guise of ” The good of all people, you know Equity.

I would imagine to most, but not all democrats who read this, are not gonna have the slightest clue about the validity of this post. The younger generation seems to be the most inept. It seems that most people under 20 do not even know who won the American Civil War. Most people today seem to live with their noses stuck in their phones. They live in a little “Sound bite” world. The bigger mistake that is made, by not only the young people but pretty much a large portion of Americans is ; they get their news from the media. This must stop. God “gives out a gift of discernment” but we must seek Him for it, we live in complicated days. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you are gonna be able to understand and identify the Anti-Christ; if you were duped by Barack Obama and the likes of Hillary Clinton. Their successors’ Are the “Joe Biden crime family”, and “The Joker” known as Kamala Harris. This is the end of Part 1. I will write part 2 later today. Frankie The Earthman.

Intermission between Part 1 and Part 2.

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