It is important that you read Part One to Parallels, Israel and America. I want to study a little bit about the parallels between how God dealt/deals with the nation of Israel and America, and the role of other nations.

It is my personal opinion that God does not sit idly by and is unconcerned about people, circumstances, events, and the history and future of His creation. The Old Testament of The Bible is full of histories and accounts, of how God dealt with the people of Israel. My intention in this, part two, is to show how God dealt with Israel in the past, is very similar to how he is dealing with the United States. I am going to use Jonathan Chan’s book Harbinger as an outline for this study.

Think about the nation of Israel and the horrors that the Jewish people have endured over the centuries. Please remember that these are ‘God’s chosen people” so, why do they suffer so much?

Could it be, that we have to connect the dots between God’s original creation, what happened in the garden of Eden, (The fall ) , and the life of Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten Son?

Have you considered the pressure and controversy revolving around the Jewish people that has existed since the beginning? ( including God leading Abraham out of the land of “UR” up until Israel became a nation in 1948?) In ancient and modern-day Israel, the military alarm systems, the constant threat, have always been on, it never ends. Why is this so? It’s because there is a spiritual conflict, that revolves around the fact that the Jews are God’s chosen people, and everybody else is kind of on the periphery. ( I know that sounds very exclusive, and how could God do that, but there are legitimate reasons.) To understand this you must understand what happened at the Tower of Babel. God not only confused the languages because of their sin, and attempt to build a Tower to Heaven; He disinherited all other nations except Israel. Now we have to go a little deeper, we have to read Psalm 82, and understand and interpret it correctly. I’ll leave you to study this, but I’ll give you a hint. God has a COUNCIL in heaven, they are called “lower elohim”, they were originally put in charge of all the nations of the earth, and in Psalm 82, (God is chastising them for their failure in ruling the nations other than Israel.) I will leave it at that, you study for yourself, please.

One of the major points I want to stress in this post, is that God used Israel’s enemies to pass judgment on “HER” and still does. So if this was how God operated with His chosen people the nation of Israel in antiquity and today, what makes anyone think that He would not use a similar tactic for America; which was founded under Godly principles beliefs and ideas? In fact the nation of Israel was America’s template for how to exist.

OK, I thought I was gonna be able to finish this in two posts, but it will have to be three, so stay tuned for the next one. Frankie The Earthman.

God says, “My sheep hear my voice.”

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