Let’s go eat a bucket of frog legs, Let’s go have some rounds of beer, Let’s go eat some sweet buttered cornbread, Hey waitress move the Juke Box over here.

They wanna put me on the big screen, Yep that one sitting over there, They want me to tell some stories, So I’d better go and change my underwear.

We’re gonna eat some mountain oysters, Yes waitress, another round beers, Bring us some sweet potato fries, if you don’t have none, We’re leaving up out of here.

We want to pick at some blue crab, Yes bring us another round of cheer, We want bowls of New England clam chowder, If you don’t have none, we’re leaving up out of here.

Hey waitres, you’re looking very pretty, Why don’t you come sit over here, Hey, but before you do that, get us a large pitcher of beer.

Hey waitress, I’m feeling very happy, But your Daisy Dukes are driving me mad, Please bring me the bill I’m a’ leavin’, ’cause I’m fixin’ to do something bad. Copyright: Frankie The Earthman.

Ya’ll drink a lot of beer!

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