What? you don’t like high gas prices? you don’t like paying more for food? you don’t like an open border?, you don’t like 300 fentanyl deaths a day in America? you don’t like unexpected bus loads of migrants dumped in your neighborhood? you don’t like the crime running rampant in our cities? you don’t like our ruined education system?, you don’t like America no longer being energy dependent and begging for oil from Communist Venezuela? you don’t like the Biden administration’s Godless agenda?

What? you don’t like the student loan forgiveness agenda while the universities “Jack Up” the tuition? You don’t like ‘white lives matter T-shirts’ but you love ‘black lives matter T-shirts? You don’t like Biden being a puppet while God knows who is running this country? What is wrong with you? you don’t like Hillary Clinton running free over the mishandling of top secret documents, while Donald Trump’s home was raided by fifty FBI agents? you don’t like living with the threat of Kamala Harris becoming president when she is a total ass clown ignoramus? you don’t like the fact that you’ve worked your butt off and you’re 401K is shrinking daily?

You don’t like being told you have to buy an expensive electric vehicle? you don’t like being told you have to let your expensive electric vehicle sit because the power grid won’t support you charging it? you don’t like an across-the-board 8.5% decline in wages? you don’t like Joe Biden selling out to the Chinese? you don’t like billions of dollars going to the Ukraine while our Southern border is a total disgrace and disaster and national security threat? you don’t like the Biden administration being irresponsible and blaming trump for everything that they are doing wrong? you don’t like the stock market tanking? you don’t like Joe Biden visiting Saudi Arabia begging for oil, while he’s cutting a back door deal with the Iranians, enemies of the Saudis’?

You don’t like the politics concerning Hunter Biden? you don’t like the FBI having enough evidence to charge Hunter Biden, and sitting on the charges for nearly four years? You don’t like the fact that the FBI and DOJ are not going to do a thing until after the midterms? ( if at all) you don’t like the Biden administration selling out to our known foreign enemies and then accusing people like Trump and anyone that doesn’t agree with them, of being a national security risk? you don’t like Joe Biden not being able to open his mouth without telling a lie? you are really disgusted by Joe Biden’s smile as he contemplates running again in 2024?

If you have a problem with everything mentioned and you don’t want to get with the Democrat program; then you’re a threat to the Globalist, New World Order agenda, to destroy this country, and make it a one-party system, and an Authoritarian Dictatorship. Frankie The Earthman.

The simple pleasures are the best. If you love this country, stand against the Communist Biden administration, and get out there and vote, we need to get rid of the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the rest of the trash and traitors. Joe Biden does nothing and blames Putin for pushing the world to the threat of nuclear war. How long O Lord? how long?

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