When I awoke, it must have been about ten in the morning. The sun was just barely making its way up over the trees. I was looking out the window of a country farmhouse, over a velvet green grass, and I noticed a white wooden weather vane, with a red rooster on the top; standing in the field about twelve feet tall, slowly turning north to south. EVERYTHING was in slow motion.

I went to the front door of the farmhouse and found my way outside walking in the grass. I noticed an old hand water pump. I walked over to it and gave it a few pumps, caught some cool water in my hand and lightly splashed it on my face. As I did this, everything slipped from slow motion to real time. But it wasn’t the real-time I was used to. Everything was beautifully calm, a blue sky, with some nice fluffy white clouds. The scene was surreal.

I caught something in my peripheral vision on my right side, and as I turned, a man figure with the countenance of lightning, and eyes of fire was walking towards me. He was barefoot, in a pure white robe, with a gold sash around his waste. He was carrying a beautiful cherry red Shepard’s stick.

When my eyes met His, I knew straight away it was my Shepherd, Jesus. I fell on my knees and then I was face down in the grass. I could hear my heart beating ( or the memory of a heartbeat) in my head, but it wasn’t fast or disturbed. After just a few seconds, I felt a hand touch my shoulder, my face, and my hand, as He helped me to my feet. My eyes met His again, and I felt peace like I had never felt before. He said, “I knew you were coming today Frank, I’m so glad to see you. He continued, “I enjoyed walking and listening to you, especially on the Appalachian Trail when you lived in Virginia. I thought you would love this farmhouse setting to meet me, as you loved the outdoors so much.”

“I so loved watching your caring and loving your dogs so much. I adored your loving heart.” “Your loving spirit carried over to your wife Mizuho, your son Ari’el, and your daughter Lauren. It was a joyous pleasure to watch you love them.”

I was so comforted, I spoke up and said, “Lord, I failed you so many times. I don’t feel like I was a good ambassador for you. Many times I felt so unworthy to even speak your name.” Jesus replied, “What I want you to know, is that you had to go through difficult times, and I used those times to mold you into the man I wanted you to be. “The important thing Frank is that you had a repentant heart. I have separated your sins from you, as far as the East is from the West.

We walked on a little bit, as Jesus held my hand in a way I had never felt before. I then knew what it meant to experience “the peace that passes all understanding.”

Jesus said to me, “Frank, do you recall your prayers to me, about your family and your dogs being forever in your heaven?” My heart jumped as I said, “Yes my Lord, I do!” Jesus replied, pointing His finger, “Do you see the river bend just beyond the little hill over there?” I replied, “Yes, it’s beautiful.” Jesus said, “Walk on down there, you will find your wife, your son, and your daughter. Oh, and Frank, I almost forgot, you will also find every dog that you ever loved. Also, some friends are coming for a reunion with you.” I was overwhelmed with joy.

Jesus spoke again saying, “I will leave you with your loved ones, but I will return very soon to take you, and all with you, to the New Holy City, Jerusalem. Do you remember when you studied about my 1000-year reign on the earth?” I said, ” Yes, Lord.” “Well, I look forward to spending eternity with you and teaching you, I have so many things to show and tell you, Frank.” “One more thing said Jesus, Well done, my good and faithful servant.” With that, Jesus was airborne and flew off into the distant sky. Frankie The Earthman.


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