Who has eyes to see? Who really cares what could potentially happen. There is one political force trying to destroy this country, and doing a pretty good job of it. THE DEMOCRAT PARTY AND THEIR IMPLEMENTATION/ VERSION OF THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO. THE MIDTERMS might be our last hurrah to save this country.

Open Borders, Education system ruined, (are now indoctrination camps for the socialists, communist, jihadists.) America no longer energy independent, add 300 fentanyl poisoning deaths a day, ( note, most are not overdoses, they are poisonings.) Back to the open borders: The Biden crime family is bought and paid for by the Cartels, the Chinese, and God knows who else.

Gas prices, food prices, inflation are all out of control.

Defund The Police? Riiiiiiggghhhtt! Does anything need to be said about the raging crime throughout our country in almost every major city?

Do you have ears to hear? Do you have eyes to see? Are you apathetic and think nothing can be done, so you won’t do anything? Well, let this common man give you a warning: If this country keeps on the decline as it is, the next thing bound to happen; is blood in the streets through a Civil War, that would make our first Civil War seem like a kids game of Cowboys and Indians.

About The Democrats: DEI Diversity/ Equity, etc. IS KILLING THIS COUNTRY. Teachers’ Unions are killing our country. Implicit Bias Training is killing this country.

The Democrats are: God and Christian haters. They view themselves as smarter than everyone else, and they assume and want to assume the role of God in everyone’s life.

Kanye West is a good example of what is taking place in our country. Kanye has 3 strikes against him, number one, he is black, number two, he’s a conservative, number three, he’s a Christian. That means he is uncontrollable by the radical left. I admire Kanye West for standing up for what he believes. As the story goes about Kanye, (now, Ye) and his former wife the Kardashian, who was big with the Clinton’s.Well it seems the Clinton’s tried to have the Kardashian influence Kanye to get with the liberal left program, ( follow the script) and he wanted nothing to do with it. So apparently she bought the poison and Kanye suffered the loss of family. ( Who knows maybe he is relieved.)

Most of the Dems are: Elitist Pedophiles, human trafficking, baby killers ( up to and beyond 9 months old ) fentanyl, and Mexican Cartels supporting money grabbers. Communist America haters, yet living off the American taxpayer’s dime. How long will we stand for this?

How is Biden perceived by our despot world leaders? Biden is perceived as a liberal despot loving weak idiot. Why shouldn’t we expect Putin to invade Ukraine? Why shouldn’t the Chinese feel like they can invade Taiwan? Why can’t the ‘rocket man Kim Jong Un fire rockets over Japan? I’m glad that God isn’t control because because our enemies view Joe Biden as walking around with his pants down around his ankles and sucking his thumb. I am convinced that the only two liars better than Joe Biden or Barack Obama and Satan himself.

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