In my humble opinion, the greatest gift that a man, a father, can give to his family, son, daughter, is this, namely HIS WISDOM: This appearing in flesh, blood, and bone, this life, these lives we are living, lives we are making in this world, have to be measured against an ‘absolute truth’ or what is called a ‘plumb line.’ Without this absolute truth or plumb line, it is more difficult to realize the importance of ‘morality.’ Not that there is ‘no morality’ in an unbelieving person.

The most important thing that I would stress to my family, is the absolute necessity to know the stories of the Old Testament and the New. Some might ask why is this important. It is of critical importance to understand how God operated in the ancient past. If we know how God operated in the ancient past, we can better recognize, and discern Him working in our current modern world. This in itself is of value beyond measure; because we are in a vicious spiritual battle as we engage (the enemy) in these last days. Whether it’s fortunate or unfortunate, ( depending on your relationship with Christ) prophecy will be fulfilled and will come with or without us. No matter which side we are on, be we atheists, believers, or other, the prophecies are coming. Two events coming up on God’s calendar are the Rapture and the Tribulation. The body of believers or the Church is taken away in the Rapture; the world goes into Tribulation, and then at some point during the Tribulation, God (with his bride, the Church, that was captured ) returns to do battle. The victory for Christianity, (binding Satan and his army) and the believer leads us into the 1000-year reign of Christ. Jesus will conduct this reign from the New Holy City falling to Jerusalem.

In my experience, learning and understanding, as I look around at the “Signs of These Times” and our deteriorating culture, nation, and the world; It is clear that humanity does not understand the importance and the necessity of morality. Our nation was formed by God-fearing men, for the most part. Israel was the pattern used to find America. Nationally an individually we have lost our relationship and fellowship with God, our creator. Know this for sure, ‘everything evil’ that is happening now is prophesied. You can find it clearly in the Word of God if you take the time to study. This is all for now for my family and friends. I want to say to my wife Mizuho, my daughter Lauren and mate Alvin, my son Ari’el, and my grandchildren Samantha and Mike, grab hold of this wisdom. It will help you with what is coming. It will hopefully lead you to Jeshua, who waits with “arms wide open.” Frankie The Earthman.

Behold the pink dove in this photo, is it The Holy Spirit?

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